Canadian Teachers can find free, downloadable, printable Teachers Resource Kits directly relating to provincial curricula usable as is or customizable for use in the classroom, and include teachers’ notes, references to background materials, in-class exercises, and thought provoking journal pages for students.

To determine how these kits can be used within the guidelines provided by Canadian provinces and territories, a document giving curriculum correlations can be downloaded here.

– Native Dance Curriculum Correlations

The Native Dance Teachers’ curriculum kit, is organized by website chapter and grade range. The kit contains contextual information, references to specific mandated provincial learning objectives and units covered, and key concepts covered.

– Native Dance Curriculum

The Student Reflection Journals contain thought provoking questions and exercises for students. These journals can be used in the classroom or as supplementary material to offer a broader perspective and insight into topics and concepts covered in the teaching materials.

– Native Dance Student Reflection Journal

In the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, additional educational materials for Grades 7 through 12 are offered that deal with the First Encounters of pre-Inuit, Mi’kmaq, Norse, and French on the east coast of what is now known as Canada.

– First Encounters EdKit

Teachers’ Resource Kit

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Student Reflection Journals

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Curriculum Correlation Guide

The resource kits relate directly to provincially mandated learning objectives. Which learning objectives and degree of fit to these provincially specified learning objectives is explored and discussed in the Native Dance Curriculum Correlation Guide.

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Educational Use License

The Native Dance Teachers’ resources kits are free to download and use for use in Canadian Classrooms. They have been released with a limited use educational license, and as such teachers can download, print, and modify them to suit learning objectives and teaching situations, or use them in their entirety, without fees.



This project was made possible with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through Canadian Culture Online
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